Monday, September 12, 2016

Why printer ink is so expensive ?

One of the biggest nightmares of any printer users is the broken ink cartridge or empty ink. It really takes a toll on their pocket because the ink is one of the most expensive substances in the world. One gets an ache when they walk out in the store having spent lot for a single ink cartridge that contains fewer fluid ounces worth a sachet of a ketchup. Even the HP printer technical support team is unable to provide a fair reason for its such high cost.

Ink technology is expensive to develop and its expensiveness set basis for reliability and high-quality image. If someone wants to effectively utilize the cost per page then users can buy XL ink cartridges from HP that last three times longer than the existing basic ink cartridge.
You can get value for your money if you take good care of your printer. There are some models of HP Photosmart inkjet printers then possibly the ink cartridge will cost you a lot.
However, with increasing competition in the market, it is possible to get ink cartridge at fewer rates. You can use some other company's ink in your hp printer that is not something suggested by printer experts. Using someone third party ink can cause damage to your ink cartridge and toner. The products aren't reliable, they produce inferior print quality and generate fewer pages per cartridge.

HP has claimed that its ink last longer, produce fine and clear prints, is easy to use and easy to refill. The ink is per ISO standard ISO 24711 and 24712 meant for determining text and graphic yields for ink jet printers. Also, these ink cartridges are extremely beneficial for professional photographers to take prints of their clicks at high resolution. If any day you feel confused about how to save money on ink cartridges then feel free to contact hp printer technical support team of VFix365 to get expert advice not only on how to save on ink cartridge but also tips on generating more from current per page print cost. The company is available 24 X 7 so no need to worry about availability and reach. Hence, choose the best for your printer and enhance printer functionality.

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