Monday, September 5, 2016

Resolving Windows 10 HP Deskjet Printer Diver issues | Toll Free:1-888-924-5460

Often printer users come across various issues when they upgrade their computer/laptop to windows 10. While some pro printer users are aware of the problem due to upgrading while others seek expert advice from HP printer support to work around the problem. The moment you upgrade your operating system, you compatible printer might fail to print because of over the hill printer driver. In this case, you need to update your printer driver. There are only some HP printer models which are compatible with windows 10. If you can work with windows 7 or 8, then you won't face any issue but if you are looking for an update in OS then make sure your printer is on the list of compatible ones. You can also choose additional printer driver, if your printer has, which might be adjustable with windows 10. The additional drivers are Universal Print driver, HP host- based pop driver, basic driver. Here are methods to update the printer driver. 

First, you can download the driver directly from HP website. Just enter your printer model and find the right driver. Click on the download button and go through the process of downloading the following the on-screen instructions after double-clicking the downloaded file. IF your product is not mentioned then search for additional drivers.

Secondly, You can use the windows update to update the printer driver. You can try updating the printer drivers through Microsoft windows update. Click on the start and choose settings. Then, click on update and security and then on windows update in the left pane. Now check for updates and wait for OS to respond for any available updates. Click on the link prompted and download the printer driver.

Lastly, Printer driver is updated using Driver Easy software. It will take just a few clicks and your printer driver is automatically updated. This software can easily detect all the printer problems and can resolve it automatically. Just click on scan now option to analyze your printer and then click on update now. 

The above-mentioned methods can easily resolve the issue, still, if these are of no use then call for expert advice from VFix365, which gives comprehensive solution through HP printer support to printer problems. Instead of bursting like a soap bubble ask for guidance through a simple toll-free number and save yourself from drowning in the sea of sorrow.

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