Wednesday, May 25, 2016

After Upgrading your Windows 10 either from windows 8 or windows 7, your HP Printer showing a message 'Offline'.

After upgrade your computer Operating System Windows 10 from your previous Windows, Either your HP printer may stop working or you find a display message 'offline' status, some printer drivers for a specific type of hardware might have issues with new Windows 10 Operating system, In this article we will discuss in steps to resolve the printer going offline issue.


Check the HP printer connected to your network or computer machine connected USB cable from the printer and there is no error on the printer as well as printer status, should be green. And Install Latest HP Printer drivers which are compatible with Windows 10 according to the instructions.

Following are the Steps, how to Install Latest HP Printer Driver with Compatibility mode on Windows 10.
  • Download the latest driver from the HP website. 
  • Right click on the setup file & select Properties 
  • Select Compatibility Tab 
  • Place a check mark next to Run this program. 
  • Install print driver and then check the functionality 
If printers are suddenly unplugged without shutdown or orderly shutdown,its un proper disposal, who have lost contact with the router and the computer.To solve the problem, 7 ,you have to restart all the devices between your computer and printer. If everything stays the same and still shows the printer offline, then you need the HP printer drivers for Windows 10 on Windo7,8 to solve, to reinstall the problem.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Get Instant Support, Printer Setup, Configure & Troubleshoot your HP Printer with our experience Technicians.

HP needs no presentation. It has an extensive selection of variety all customer areas under different progress with a variety of product varieties, including color multi-function, mono multifunction, mono printers, dot matrix or the more guzzling commercial companies' best imaging systems and given administrative innovations. These days, it has certainly understood to a name in the industry.

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Following are the few problems where users generally face with printer and check out the solutions.

No print printer or paper empty. First, check that the cartridges effectively embedded coordinate the color opening of the print head. A check is set the printer as the default printer and the printer power back on. If the problem is detected, then great, otherwise, from the home screen of the printer control card, navigate to the Deep Clean Printhead and navigate to Align Printer. 

Printed failure: This is very simple. Simply remove the print head and clean the print head contacts with a clean cloth and put it back.

Printer does not respond: First, that the printer is not in the power saving mode when the power light on and off gradually flickering, then the printer is in Sleep mode. Press to wake up the printer. On the other hand, if it does not comply with the incantation, then reset the printer from the main power supply to separate and put it back.

Paper jam: Turn off the printer, and then check to verify the paper plates or lift the stucco paper. Explore to get the paper, and after that, it pulls out fine and turns on the machine.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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