Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How to print directly to USB, Bluetooth or networked printer.

If you have an old network printer connected to a windows shared network it will be difficult for you to print directly from your android phone. There are certain printers which can print on a windows shared network or a printer that can easily be connected to a Bluetooth device. Unfortunately, a google device does not allow you to directly print using Bluetooth or any other wireless service. Even HP printer tech support cannot help you in setting up a wireless connection if you are not equipped with appropriate apps in your phone and in a printer.

If you really want to directly print any document from your android phone then you will have to use a third party app. PrinterShare is one such app which is reviewed as the best app to print documents wirelessly. This app can help you print to windows network share printers, Bluetooth printers, and USB printers. This feature is not for free, you have to shed some money in order to print documents or images without any hassle. You can also use star print app to print wirelessly through shared network or with Bluetooth services. While the printer and smartphone are connected via the same network and they can see each other, you can print any document. Just click on 'print' and select the printer available on the shared network and then click on 'print'.

However, there are some advanced android phones which give the user an ability to print wirelessly using Bluetooth and USB device. Connect your phone with Bluetooth-enabled printer and then select the file you to get prints for. 

A smartphone can be of more use when we connect it to a printer. It will help you in printing documents at the time of the problem. For any printer, connectivity issue takes expert advice from VFix365 through HP printer tech support and get an instant resolution on your printer problem.

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