Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Are you facing problem with HP LaserJet printer ?

Having a laserJet printer can prove to be a boon if used properly and can also be a curse if it starts malfunctioning. Every printer has its own merits and demerits. They have limited years of use irrespective of their features. The environment in which they are kept or the people who are handling this device is what rules its functioning. As per VFix365 every day they receive many requests to troubleshoot their HP printer problem via HP technical support phone number. Some of them are repetitive in nature while others require some special assistance from technicians. Here are some of the major problems and their solutions in HP laserJet printer.

1. Toner is smearing - This might be a problem when toner does not stick to the page and the color smears causing a faulty print. You can resolve it either by replacing the fuser which can be replaced by a technician as a part of PM kit or you can replace the cartridge. If the problem persists then check whether the toner is clean or not, if not, then clean out the printer carefully. Still, if the problem persists then dial HP technical support phone number.

2. Paper Jan - This is the common problem in HP laserJet printers and the reason could be- use of wrong paper type or because of dust or worn rollers. You can easily resolve it by cleaning the printer or by using right quality of paper.

3. 50.4 error message - This problem indicates the disruption in power supply. You can correct this problem by unplugging the printer from UPS to the main power source. A laser printer should never be plugged into a UPS because of the power surges required by a printer.

4. Error with printing envelopes - While you are using laserjet printer in the office, it is necessary to use paper which is equivalent to 20 lb in weight and thickness, else, it might cause a severe problem. The envelopes must be capable enough to withstand the heat and should not be too much stiff.

5. 79 error - This is because of the network error. To resolve this issue open the printer folder from the start menu on the print server and disable all the pending jobs, remove all the add-ons and then added back to default settings.

These were some of the major problems faced by an HP laserjet printer user. If these solutions help you in resolving the problem then you are good to go else dial the HP technical support phone number of VFix365 to let technicians do the job for you.

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