Tuesday, April 26, 2016

General HP Printer Troubleshooting

Generally, HP Printer Tech Support is very reliable, even in the most demanding environments, HP printers are also still problematic, from time to time. And we all know printer at the most inopportune moments fail. For IT support staff, it is important to know how to fix the most common problems associated with these printers.

Printer does not have power indicator

First, make sure that the printer is turned on. If a printer is turned on,it should be something light or LED (usually green) have indicated that there is power to receive. When you have no control light, make sure the printer is connected to a working electrical outlet, by checking each end of the power cord. Next, press the printer button. If the above steps do, the printer is no network status indicator still leads are displayed, you have a serious problem and printer, we recommend the printer manufacturer for repair or replacement to contact.

Cables not connected properly

The printer should have connected to cables to it and the power cable and the data cable. Make sure that the power and data cables are connected (parallel or USB cable) to the printer and computer.

Printer error

After the printer completes the initial startup, you should see a monochromatic light. When the indicator is blinking or orange, often this is an indication of a printer error, such as a paper jam or a problem with the ink or toner cartridge. Since there are no standards for all printers, if you see a flashing light, please visit, check the manufacturer's website or the printer manual for specific error details.

No paper or paper jam

Without paper, print your printer can not. Make sure that you in the printer have inserted Trade sure paper cassette Or. Next, check that no printer paper jam or partially feed into the printer. If you suspect that paper stuck somewhere it should not be, we refer to our help page for paper jams.

Printer drivers

If the printer does not have any flashing lights and is properly connected, then it is possible that you will encounter a driver related problem. We recommend visiting our printer driver list of all major printer manufacturer drivers pages, links and download the latest driver for your printer.

HP printer is considered among the most reliable in the industry. But just like any other piece of IT equipment, they are vulnerable to failure. And it seems that the newer printers can not have the same amount of abuse withstand that older models could. So if you are on newer HP printer model to work in a paper-intensive environment, expect more troubleshooting calls, including the issues that I have described. 

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