Friday, March 25, 2016

How to install HP Wireless Printer

Sometimes it happens that you buy an HP wireless printer and you are unable to utilize wireless printing. There are several ways through Internet and User manuals, where anyone can take proper guide about the product with this functionality.

Simplify printing in your office over a wireless printer to install on any computer with access. Before connecting a new HP wireless printers, you should already have a wireless router is installed, and at least one is connected to the wireless computer network. The HP Wireless Setup Wizard is on all major printer models. It will automatically detect and run to configure the network connection of the printer to your wireless network. Each computer on the network can order the printer after the printer drivers are installed.

Step 1: Make sure that your router is on and working.

Step 2: Turn on the HP wireless printer.

Step 3: Tap the arrow button on the touchscreen. Press " Setup " and then "Network" and then " Wireless Setup Wizard. " The wizard searches for available networks. 

Step 4: Press the name or service set identifier of your network in the list. The unique SSID differentiates your wireless network from other available networks.

Step 5: Enter the Wired Equivalent Privacy or WI -Fi Protected Access key on the keyboard of the touch screen, and then press "Finish ". The WEP and WPA -Sicherheitsprotokolle protection to encrypt the data transfer over the wireless network. If you do not know your WEP or WPA key, look at the labels on the back of the router, or read the documentation that came with it.

Step 6: Confirm the network settings with " OK " button, so the printer to the network to connect.

Step 7: Install the software and printer drivers on each computer to access the printer. Use the supplied installation CD or download the drivers from the HP website (link in Resources). The software will guide you through the installation process and complete the connection between the computer and the printer.
You can install the Windows native software by expanding the Start menu the printer on most of the office computer, click " Devices and Printers ", click " Add Printer" icon in the window, and then follow instructions the screen opens. Only the computer that the HP printer - installed condition interface software from the website or disc low ink warnings and other administrative alerts; the rest will still be able to print to the printer.

You can reach us on our HP contact number +1-888-924-5460 and speak to an HP support Assistant who is always standing ready to help.

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